IFPRI 2017年1-3月出版物合集

2017 Global food policy report DGO, CKM, WCAO, DSGD, SAO, PHND & LAC Book [PR]

Food policy in 2016-2017: Food security and nutrition in an urbanizing world DGO [PR]

In 2017 Global Food Policy Report. Chapter 1. Pp 6- 13

Fan, Shenggen

Smallholders and urbanization: Strengthening rural-urban linkages to end hunger and malnutrition DGO [PR]

In 2017 Global Food Policy Report. Chapter 2. Pp 14-23

Graziano da Silva, José; and Fan, Shenggen

Food security and nutrition: Growing cities, new challenges PHND & DGO [PR]

In 2017 Global Food Policy Report. Chapter 3. Pp 24-33

Ruel, Marie T.; Garrett, James. L.; and Yosef, Sivan

Changing diets: Urbanization and the nutrition transition PHND [PR]

In 2017 Global Food Policy Report. Chapter 4. Pp 34-41

Hawkes, Corinna; Harris, Jody; and Gillespie, Stuart

Agricultural value chains: How cities reshape food systems DSGD [PR]

In 2017 Global Food Policy Report. Chapter 5. Pp 42-49

Minten, Bart; Reardon, Thomas; and Chen, Kevin Z.

Governance: Informal food markets in Africa’s cities DSGD [PR]

In 2017 Global Food Policy Report. Chapter 6. Pp 50-57

Resnick, Danielle

Regional developments WCAO, DSGD, SAO, PHND & LAC [PR]

In 2017 Global Food Policy Report. Pp 58-83

Makombe, Tsitsi; Collins, Julia; Badiane, Ousmane; Breisinger, Clemens; Abdelaziz, Fatma; Khouri, Nadim; Akramov, Kamiljon T.; Park, Allen; Ilyasov, Jarilkasin; Kumar, Anjani; Ahmed, Akhter U.; Davies, Stephen; Joshi, Pramod Kumar; Chen, Kevin Z.; Timmer, Peter; Dawe, David; Díaz-Bonilla, Eugenio; and Torero, Máximo

·        GFPR 2017 Synopsis

·        GFPR 2017 Data Visualization

Cooperation in polygynous households MTID Discussion Paper

Barr, Abigail; Dekker, Marlene; Janssens, Wendy; Kebede, Bereket; and Kramer, Berber

Farmers’ quality assessment of their crops and its impact on commercialization behavior: A field experiment in Ethiopia MTID & PIM Discussion Paper

Abate, Gashaw T.; and Bernard, Tanguy

The sustainable land management program in the Ethiopian highlands: An evaluation of its impact on crop production DSGD & PIM Working Paper

Schmidt, Emily; and Tadesse, Fanaye

A moral economy of water: Charity wells in Egypt's Nile delta DSGD [PR]

Development and Change 48(1): 121-145

ElDidi, Hagar; and Corbera, Esteve

Application of energy optimization models to design sustainable energy system: A review EPTD

The Engineering Journal of Application & Scopes 2(1)

Mondal, Md. Hossain Alam; and Mezher, Toufic

Children’s diets, nutrition knowledge, and access to markets DSGD [PR]

World Development. Article in press. First published online March 18, 2017

Hirvonen, Kalle; Hoddinott, John F.; Minten, Bart; and Stifel, David

Crop health and its global impacts on the components of food security EPTD & PIM [PR]

Food Security. Article in press. First published online March 17, 2017

Savary, S.; Bregaglio, S.; Willocquet, L.; Gustafson, David; Mason d'Croz, Daniel; Sparks, A.; Castilla, N.; Djurle, A.; Allinne, C.; Sharma, Mamta; Rossi, V.; Amorim, L.; Bergamin, A.; Yuen, J.; Esker, P.; McRoberts, Neil; Avelino, J.; Duveiller, Etienne; Koo, Jawoo; and Garrett, K.

Distributional effects of growth and public expenditures in Africa: Estimates for Tanzania and Rwanda MTID [PR]

World Development. Article in press. First published online March 20, 2017

Almanzar, Miguel; and Torero, Máximo

Droughts augment youth migration in northern Latin America and the Caribbean DSGD & PIM [PR]

Climatic Change 140(3): 423-435

Baez, Javier; Caruso, German; Mueller, Valerie; and Niu, Chiyu

Food security and nutrition in an urbanizing world: A synthesis of the 2017 Global Food Policy Report DGO [PR]

China Agricultural Economic Review 9(2)

Fan, Shenggen; Cho, Emily EunYoung;and Rue, Christopher

Leveling the field for biofuels: Comparing the economic and environmental impacts of biofuel and other export crops in Malawi DSGD & PIM [PR]

Agricultural Economics. Article in press. First published online December 29, 2016

Schuenemann, Franziska; Thurlow, James; and Zeller, Manfred

Will China's demographic transition exacerbate its income inequality? –CGE modeling with top-down microsimulation DSGD, EPTD & PIM [PR]

Journal of the Asia Pacific Economy 22(2): 227-252

Wang, Xinxin; Chen, Kevin Z.; Robinson, Sherman; and Huang, Zuhui

IMPACT projections of food production, consumption, and trade to 2050, with and without climate change EPTD

International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI)

IMPACT projections of food production, consumption, and hunger to 2050, with and without climate change EPTD

International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI)

Monthly food insecurity assessment in rural Mkushi district, Zambia: A longitudinal analysis HarvestPlus & A4NH [PR]

BMC Public Health 17(260)

Na, Muzi; Caswell, Bess L.; Talegawkar, Sameera A.; and Palmer, Amanda C.

On-farm diversity and market participation are positively associated with dietary diversity of rural mothers in southern Benin, West Africa A4NH [PR]

PLoS One 11(9): e0162535

Bellon, Mauricio R.; Ntandou-Bouzitou, Gervais D.; and Caracciolo, Francesco

A typology of management tools: Using experience to catalyze greater success PIM [PR]

Fish and Fisheries. Article in press. First published online November 2, 2016

Selig, Elizabeth R.; Kleisner, Kristin; Ahoobim, Oren; Arocha, Freddy; Cruz-Trinidad, Annabelle; Fujita, Rod; Grasso, Thomas; Hara, Mafaniso; Katz, Laure; McConney, Patrick; Ratner, Blake D.; Saavedra-Díaz, Lina M.; Schwarz, Anne-Maree; Thiao, Djiga; Torell, Elin; Troëng, Sebastian; and Villasante, Sebastian

Performance of the SUBSTOR-potato model across contrasting growing conditions PIM [PR]

Field Crops Research 202(2017): 57–76

Raymundo, Rubí; Asseng, Senthold; Prassad, Rishi; Kleinwecther, Ulrich; Concha, Juan; Condori, Bruno; Bowen, Walter; Wolf, Joost; Olesen, Jørgen E.; Dong, Qiaoxue; Zotarelli, Lincoln; Gastelo, Manuel; Alva, Ashok; Travasso, Maria; Quiroz, Roberto; Arora, Vijay; Graham, Wendy; and Porter, Cheryl H.

Changing gender roles in agriculture?: Evidence from 20 years of data in Ghana DSGD & PIM Discussion Paper

Lambrecht, Isabel; Schuster, Monica; Asare, Sarah; and Pelleriaux, Laura

El agro argentino: Un sistema productivo y organizacional eficiente MTID Discussion Paper

Piñeiro, Valeria; Robles, Miguel; and Elverdin, Pablo

Improving the targeting of fertilizer subsidy programs in Africa south of the Sahara: Perspectives from the Ghanaian experience DSGD & PIM Discussion Paper

Houssou, Nazaire; Asante-Addo, Collins; and Andam, Kwaw S.

Local corruption and support for fuel subsidy reform: Evidence from Indonesia DSGD Discussion Paper

Kyle, Jordan

POSHAN’s abstract digest on maternal and child nutrition research – Issue 16 PHND & SAO Abstract

Avula, Rasmi, ed.

Smog in our brains: Gender differences in the impact of exposure to air pollution on cognitive performance in China DSGD & PIM Discussion Paper

Chen, Xi; Zhang, Xiaobo; and Zhang, Xin

Democracy, decentralization, and district proliferation: The case of Ghana DSGD & PIM [PR]

Political Geography 59 (July 2017): 47-60

Resnick, Danielle

Income implications of political capital and agricultural land use in western China EPTD [PR]

China Agricultural Economic Review 9(1): 93 - 110

Komarek, Adam M.; Spoor, Max; Feng, Shuyi; and Shi, Xiaoping

Linking regional stakeholder scenarios and shared socioeconomic pathways: Quantified West African food and climate futures in a global context EPTD & PIM [PR]

Global Environmental Change. Article in press. First published online March 7, 2017

Palazzo, Amanda; Vervoort, Joost M.; Mason-D’Croz, Daniel; Rutting, Lucas; Havlík, Petr; Islam, Shahnila; Bayala, Jules; Valin, Hugo; Kadi Kadi, Hame; Thornton, Philip; and Zougmore, Robert

Moving in the right direction? The role of price subsidies in fertilizer use and maize productivity in Ghana DSGD & PIM [PR]

Food Security. Article in press. First published online March 10, 2017

Ragasa, Catherine; and Chapoto, Antony

Supermarket shopping and nutritional outcomes: A panel data analysis for urban Kenya DSGD

GlobalFood Discussion Paper No. 91

Demmler, Kathrin M.; Ecker, Olivier; and Qaim, Matin

Why policies on trade and markets matter LAC

Commodities special edition (March 2017): 12

Díaz-Bonilla, Eugenio; and Hepburn, Jonathan

Irrigation management risks and ZN fertilization needs in ZN biofortification breeding in lowland rice Harvest Plus & A4NH [PR]

Experimental Agriculture. Article in press. First published online March 6, 2017

Rubianes, F.H.C.; Mallikarjuna Swamy, B.P.; and Johnson-Beebout, S.E.

The power of television in triggering feedback through mobile phones PIM

World Agroforestry Centre Report

Kiptot, Evelyne; Kimaiyo, Joan; Kirui, Josephine; Wafula, Sylvia; and Franzel, Steven

Existing data to measure African trade MTID & PIM Discussion Paper

Mitaritonna, Cristina; and Traoré, Fousseini

Forced gifts: The burden of being a friend DSGD & PIM Discussion Paper

Bulte, Erwin; Wang, Ruixin; and Zhang, Xiaobo

He says, she says: Exploring patterns of spousal agreement in Bangladesh MTID & PIM Discussion Paper

Ambler, Kate; Doss, Cheryl; Kieran, Caitlin; and Passarelli, Simone

IFPRI South Asia Regional Office SAO Brochure

International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI)

Misreporting month of birth: Implications for nutrition research PHND & A4NH Discussion Paper

Larsen, Anna Folke; Headey, Derek D.; and Masters, William A.

The state of agricultural extension and advisory services provision in Malawi: Insights from household and community surveys DSGD & PIM Technical Report

Ragasa, Catherine; and Chiyu, Niu

Agriculture, food systems, and nutrition: Meeting the challenge PHND & A4NH [PR]

Global Challenges. Article in press. First published online March 3, 2017

Gillespie, Stuart; and van den Bold, Mara

Availability, production, and consumption of crops biofortified by plant breeding: Current evidence and future potential HarvestPlus & A4NH [PR]

Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences 1390(1): 104-114

Saltzman, Amy; Birol, Ekin; Oparinde, Adewale; Andersson, Meike S.; Asare-Marfo, Dorene; Diressie, Michael T.; González, Carolina; Lividini, Keith; Moursi, Mourad; and Zeller, Manfred

The impacts of cash transfers on women’s empowerment: Learning from Pakistan’s BISP program MTID & PIM

Social Protection and Labor Discussion Paper No. 1702. Washington, D.C.: World Bank Group

Ambler, Kate; and de Brauw, Alan

The impact of integrated prevention and treatment on child malnutrition and health: The PROMIS project, a randomized control trial in Burkina Faso and Mali PHND & A4NH [PR]

BMC Public Health 17(1): 237

Huybregts, Lieven; Becquey, Elodie; Zongrone, Amanda A.; Le Port, Agnès; Khassanova, Regina; Coulibaly, Lazare; Leroy, Jef L.; Rawat, Rahul; and Ruel, Marie T.

Question of land, livelihood, and development: Tribal resettlement and development mission, Kerala PHND [PR]

Economic and Political Weekly 52(7): 99-106

George, Kurian; and Jose Pampackal, Amrutha

Valuing air quality using happiness data: The case of China DSGD & PIM [PR]

Ecological Economics 137(2017): 29-36

Zhang, Xin; Zhang, Xiaobo; and Chen, Xi

From ORYZA2000 to ORYZA (v3): An improved simulation model for rice in drought and nitrogen-deficient environments PIM [PR]

Agricultural and Forest Meteorology 237(2017): 246-256

Li, Tao; Angeles, Olivyn; Marcaida, Manuel; Manalo, Emmali; Manalili, Mervin Pogs; Radanielson, Ando; and Mohanty, Samarendu

Modeling preference and willingness to pay for drought tolerance (DT) in maize in rural Zimbabwe PIM [PR]

World Development. Article in press. First published online March 6, 2017

Kassie, Girma T.; Abdulai, Awudu; Greene, William H.; Shiferaw, Bekele; Abate, Tsedeke; Tarekegne, Amsal; and Sutcliffe, Chloe

Achieving the 2025 World Health Assembly targets for nutrition in India: What will it cost? SAO & PHND Policy Note

Chakrabarti, Suman; Kapur, Avani; Vaid, Abhilasha; and Menon, Purnima

Competitiveness of global agriculture: Policy lessons for food security DGO & PIM Synopsis

Jambor, Attila; and Babu, Suresh Chandra

Cost-effectiveness of community-based gendered advisory services to farmers: Analysis in Mozambique and Tanzania DSGD & PIM Discussion Paper

Mogues, Tewodaj; Mueller, Valerie; and Kondylis, Florence

Institutional versus noninstitutional credit to agricultural households in India: Evidence on impact from a national farmers’ survey SAO & PIM Discussion Paper

Kumar, Anjani; Mishra, Ashkok K.; Saroj, Sunil; and Joshi, Pramod Kumar

Secondary towns, agricultural prices, and intensification: Evidence from Ethiopia DSGD & PIM Working Paper

Vandercasteelen, Joachim; Tamru, Seneshaw; Minten, Bart; and Swinnen, Johan

The European Union–West Africa Economic Partnership Agreement MTID & PIM Discussion Paper

Bouët, Antoine; Laborde Debucquet, David; and Traoré, Foussein

Accounting for nutritional changes in six success stories: A regression-decomposition approach PHND & A4NH [PR]

Global Food Security. Article in press. First published online February 22, 2017

Headey, Derek D.; Hoddinott, John F.; and Park, Seollee

Bangladesh’s story of change in nutrition: Strong improvements in basic and underlying determinants with an unfinished agenda for direct community level support DGO & A4NH [PR]

Global Food Security. Article in press. First published online February 24, 2017

Nisbett, Nicholas; Davis, Peter; Yosef, Sivan; and Akhtar, Nazneen

Delivery of iron-fortified yoghurt, through a dairy value chain program, increases hemoglobin concentration among children 24 to 59 months old in northern Senegal: A cluster-randomized control trial PHND, MTID, PIM & A4NH [PR]

PLoS One 12(2): e0172198

Le Port, Agnès; Bernard, Tanguy; Hidrobo, Melissa; Birba, Ousmane; Rawat, Rahul; and Ruel, Marie T.

Factors influencing the use of food storage structures by agrarian communities in northern Uganda ESARO [PR]

Journal of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Community Development 7(2): 1-18

Owach, Charles; Bahiigwa, Godfrey; and Elepu, Gabriel

Hydropower versus irrigation—an analysis of global patterns EPTD [PR]

Environmental Research Letters 12(3): 034006

Zeng, Ruijie; Cai, Ximing; Ringler, Claudia; and Zhu, Tingju

Presidential address - Pathways to improve food security and reduce poverty in emerging India NDO

Agricultural Economics Research Review 29(2): 171-182

Joshi, Pramod Kumar

Use of inverse modeling to evaluate CENTURY-predictions for soil carbon sequestration in US rain-fed corn production systems EPTD [PR]

PLoS One 12(2): e0172861

Kwon, Ho-Young; Ugarte, C.M.; Ogle, Stephen M.; Williams, Stephen A.; and Wander, Michelle M.

How do agricultural development projects aim to empower women? Insights from an analysis of project strategies PHND, EPTD & A4NH Discussion Paper

Johnson, Nancy L.; Balagamwala, Mysbah; Pinkstaff, Crossley; Theis, Sophie; Meinzen-Dick, Ruth Suseela; and Quisumbing, Agnes R.

Prospects for the Myanmar rubber sector: An analysis of the viability of smallholder production in Mon State DSGD & PIM Discussion Paper

Van Asselt, Joanna; Htoo, Kyan; and Dorosh, Paul A.

The returns to empowerment in diversified rural household: Evidence from Niger WCAO Discussion Paper

Wouterse, Fleur Stephanie

Assessing the harvested area gap in China EPTD & PIM [PR]

Agricultural Systems 153 (May 2017): 212–220

Yu, Qiangyi; Wu, Wenbin; You, Liangzhi; Zhu, Tingju; van Vliet, Jasper; Verburg, Peter H.; Liu, Zhenhuan; Li, Zhengguo; Yang, Peng; Zhou, Qingbo; and Tang, Huajun

Assessing the impact of weather risk on land use intensity: A nonstationary and dynamic panel modeling approach SAO [PR]

Land Economics 93(1): 40-58

Khanal, Aditya R.; Mishra, Ashkok K.; and Bhattarai, Madhusudan

Do markets and trade help or hurt the global food system adapt to climate change? EPTD & PIM [PR]

Food Policy 68 (April 2017): 154–159

Brown, Molly E.; Carr, Edward R.; Grace, Kathryn L.; Wiebe, Keith D.; Funk, Christopher C.; Attavanich, Witsanu; Backlund, Peter; and Buja, Lawrence

Do shocks affect men's and women's assets differently? Evidence from Bangladesh and Uganda PHND & PIM [PR]

Development Policy Review. Article in press. First published online February 6, 2017

Quisumbing, Agnes R.; Kumar, Neha; and Behrman, Julia A.

Evaluation of nutrition-sensitive programs PHND & A4NH [PR]

In Nutrition and Health in a Developing World, eds. Saskia de Pee, Douglas Taren, Martin W. Bloem. Part VI, pp. 603-624

Olney, Deanna K.; Leroy, Jef L.; and Ruel, Marie T.

Grain price and volatility transmission from international to domestic markets in developing countries MTID [PR]

World Development. Article in press. First published online February 21, 2017

Ceballos, Francisco; Hernandez, Manuel A.; Minot, Nicholas; and Robles, Miguel

Leveraging US technical assistance for improved development outcomes MTID & PIM

Farm Journal Foundation Dialogue

Bahalim, Ammad; and Glauber, Joseph W.

Maternal and child nutrition in Nepal: Examining drivers of progress from the mid-1990s to 2010s PHND & A4NH [PR]

Global Food Security. Article in press. First published online February 15, 2017

Cunningham, Kenda; Headey, Derek D.; Singh, Akriti; Karmacharya, Chandni; and Rana, Pooja Pandey

Potential socio-economic implications of future climate change and variability for Nigerien agriculture: A countrywide dynamic CGE-microsimulation analysis WCAO [PR]

Economic Modelling 63 (June 2017): 128–142

Montaud, Jean-Marc; Pecastaing, Nicolas; and Tankari, Mahamadou Roufahi

The recent growth boom in developing economies: The role of services DSGD & PIM

In Trade in Services and Economic Transformation: A New Development Policy Priority, eds. Bernard Hoekman and Dirk Willem te Velde. Pp. 6-7

Diao, Xinshen; McMillan, Margaret S.; and Rodrik, Dani

The research and implementation continuum of biofortified sweet potato and maize in Africa HarvestPlus & A4NH [PR]

Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences. Article in press. First published online February 10, 2017

Tanumihardjo, Sherry A.; Ball, Anna-Marie; Kaliwile, Chisela; and Pixley, Kevin

Understanding African poverty over the longue durée: A review of Africa's development in historical perspective DSGD [PR]

Journal of Economic Literature 54 (3): 893-905

McMillan, Margaret S.

Urbanization, food security and nutrition PHND, DGO & A4NH [PR]

In Nutrition and Health in a Developing World, eds. Saskia de Pee, Douglas Taren, Martin W. Bloem. Part VII, pp. 705-735

Ruel, Marie T.; Garrett, James L.; Yosef, Sivan; and Olivier, Meghan

Mozambique Cell Phone Savings Project: Endline Survey MTID

International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI); and Associacao Nutricao Serguranca Alimentar de Mozambique (ANSA)

Food safety in Vietnam: Where we are at and what we can learn from international experiences A4NH [PR]

Infectious Diseases of Poverty (2017): 6:39

Nguyen-Viet, Hung; Tuyet-Hanh, Tran Thi; Unger, Fred; Dang-Xuan, Sinh; and Grace, Delia

Modelling the risk of Taenia solium exposure from pork produced in western Kenya A4NH [PR]

PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases 11(2): e0005371

Thomas, Lian F.; de Glanville, Will; Cook, Elizabeth A. J.; De C. Bronsvoort, Barend M.; Handel, Ian; Wamae, Claire N.; Kariuki, Samuel; and Fèvre, Eric M.

Measuring sustainable intensification of agricultural productivity in semi-arid tropics (SAT) of India PIM

ICRISAT Research Report

Charyulu, D. Kumara; Shyam, D. Moses;  Murthy, K. Dakshina; Krishna, Gumma Murali; Bantilan, Cynthia; Nedumaran, S.; and Srinivasa, Srigiri

Rainy season Sorghum technology adoption and impact study in Maharashtra PIM

ICRISAT Research Report

Charyulu, D. Kumara;  Shyam, D. Moses; Bantilan, Cynthia;  Borikar, S. T.; Kumar, A. Ashok; and Reddy, Belum V.S.

Localized public investment and agricultural performance in Malawi: An econometric approach DSGD & PIM Working Paper

Mwabutwa, Chance

Stimulating agricultural technology adoption: Lessons from fertilizer use among Ugandan potato farmers DSGD & PIM Discussion Paper

Nazziwa-Nviiri, Lydia; Van Campenhout, Bjorn; and Amwonya, David

Strengthening and harmonizing food policy systems to achieve food security: A case study and lessons from Ghana DGO, DSGD & PIM Discussion Paper

Babu, Suresh Chandra; and Blom, Sylvia

Improving nutrition through biofortification: A review of evidence from HarvestPlus, 2003 through 2016 HarvestPlus & A4NH [PR]

Global Food Security 12(March 2017): 49 - 58

Bouis, Howarth E.; and Saltzman, Amy

Mechanization outsourcing clusters and division of labor in Chinese agriculture DSGD & PIM [PR]

China Economic Review. Article in press. First published online on February 10, 2017

Zhang, Xiaobo; Yang, Jin; and Thomas, Reardon

Social franchising and a nationwide mass media campaign increased the prevalence of adequate complementary feeding in Vietnam: A cluster-randomized program evaluation PHND & A4NH [PR]

Journal of Nutrition. Article in press. First published online on February 8, 2017

Rawat, Rahul; Nguyen, Phuong Hong; Tran, Lan Mai; Hajeebhoy, Nemat; Nguyen, Huan Van; Baker, Jean; Frongillo, Edward A.; Ruel, Marie T.; and Menon, Purnima

CGIAR Scientometrics Data for 2000-2016 EPTD

HarvestChoice, International Food Policy Research Institute

Spatial Data for Development Domain Analysis in East and Central Africa EPTD

HarvestChoice, International Food Policy Research Institute; and Association for Strengthening Agricultural Research in Eastern and Central Africa

Survey Data for Mapping Technology Adoption in East and Central Africa EPTD

HarvestChoice, International Food Policy Research Institute; and Association for Strengthening Agricultural Research in Eastern and Central Africa

Bioversity International’s contributions to the implementation of article 6 of the International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture PIM

Bioversity International Brief

Lopez Noriega, I.; and Bedmar Villanueva, A.

Assessing the adoption of high-iron bean varieties and their impact on iron intakes and other livelihood outcomes in Rwanda: Main survey report HarvestPlus & A4NH Report

Asare-Marfo, Dorene; Herrington, Caitlin; Birachi, Eliud; Birol, Ekin; Cook, Kristy; Diressie, Michael Tedla; Dusenge, Leonidas; Funes, José; Katsvairo, Lister; Katungi, Enid; Labarta, Ricardo; LaRochelle, Catherine; Lividini, Keith; Moursi, Mourad; Mulambu, Joseph; Murekezi, Abdoul; Musoni, Augustine; Nkundimana, Jean d'Amour; Vaiknoras, Kate; and Zeller, Manfred

Can better targeting improve the effectiveness of Ghana's Fertilizer Subsidy Program?: Lessons from Ghana and other countries in Africa south of the Sahara DSGD & PIM Discussion Paper

Houssou, Nazaire; Andam, Kwaw S.; and Collins, Asante-Addo

Fish to 2050 in the ASEAN Region EPTD & PIM Working Paper

Chan, Chin Yee; Tran, Nhuong; Dao, Danh Chi; Sulser, Timothy B.; Philips, Michael John; Batka, Miroslav; Wiebe, Keith D.; and Preston, Nigel

Synopsis: Food processing, transformation and job creation: The case of Ethiopia’s enjera markets DSGD & PIM Research Note

Minten, Bart; Assefa, Thomas Woldu; Abebe, Girum; Engid, Ermias; and Tamru, Seneshaw

Trade and economic impacts of destination-based corporate taxes MTID & PIM Discussion Paper

Will, Martin

Conducting ethical economic research: Complications from the field PHND [PR]

In The Oxford Handbook of Professional Economic Ethics, ed. George DeMartino and Deirdre McCloskey. Part V: Ethical Issues in Economic Research, Section 3: Field Research. Oxford, UK: Oxford University Press

Alderman, Harold; Das, Jishnu; and Rao, Vijayendra

Plasmodium falciparum infection and age influence parasite growth inhibition mediated by IgG in Beninese infants PHND [PR]

Acta Tropica 159 (July 2016): 111-119

Adamou, Rafiou; Chénou, Francine; Sadissou, Ibrahim; Sonon, Paulin; Dechavanne, Célia; Djilali-Saïah, Abdelkader; Cottrell, Gilles; Le Port, Agnès; Massougbodji, Achille; Remarque, Edmond J.; Luty, Adrian J.F.; Sanni, Ambaliou; Garcia, André; Migot-Nabias, Florence; Milet, Jacqueline; and Courtin, David

Poverty, hunger, and US agricultural policy: Do farm programs affect the nutrition of poor Americans? MTID & PIM

American Enterprise Institute (AEI) report

Glauber, Joseph W.; Sumner, Daniel A.; and Wilde, Parke E.

Targeting, bias, and expected impact of complex innovations on developing-country agriculture: Evidence from Malawi EPTD & PIM [PR]

Agricultural Economics. Article in press. First published online on December 29, 2016

Haile, Beliyou; Azzarri, Carlo; Roberts, Cleo; and Spielman, David J.

The economic advantage: Assessing the value of climate-change actions in agriculture EPTD

International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) report

Vermeulen, Sonja; Richards, Meryl; De Pinto, Alessandro; Ferrarese, Dino; Läderach, Peter; Lan, Le; Luckert, Marty; Mazzoli, Enrico; Plant, Laura; Rinaldi, Roberto; Stephenson, Jim; and Watkiss, Paul

Understanding the role of intersectoral convergence in the delivery of essential maternal and child nutrition interventions in Odisha, India: A qualitative study PHND & A4NH [PR]

BMC Public Health 17 (1): 161

Kim, Sunny S.; Avula, Rasmi; Ved, Rajani; Kohli, Neha; Singh, Kavita; van den Bold, Mara; Kadiyala, Suneetha; and Menon, Purnima

Senegal Dairy Value Chain Nutrition Data PHND, A4NH & PIM

International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI); GRET; Université Gaston Berger (UGB); and Cellule de Lutte contre la Malnutrition (CLM)

Women's participation in high value agricultural commodity chains in Kenya: Strategies for closing the gender gap PIM [PR]

Journal of Rural Studies 50 (February 2017):  228-239

Oduol, Judith; Mithöfer, Dagmar; Place, Frank; Nang'ole, Eddah; Olwande, John; Kirimi, Lilian; and Mathenge, Mary

An assessment of the livestock economy in mixed crop-livestock production systems in Ethiopia DSGD & PIM Working Paper

Negassa, Asfaw; Bachewe, Fantu Nisrane; Taffesse, Alemayehu Seyoum; and Dereje, Mekdim

Economic transformation in Africa from the bottom up: Evidence from Tanzania DSGD & PIM Discussion Paper

Diao, Xinshen; Kweka, Josaphat; and McMillan, Margaret S.

Kenya agricultural development status assessment DSGD, PHND, WCAO, EPTD & MTID Report

Benin, Samuel; Covic, Namukolo M.; El Vilaly, Mohamed Abd Salam; Fofana, Ismaël; Koo, Jawoo; Minot, Nicholas; Odjo, Sunday; Traore, Fousseini; and Wouterse, Fleur Stephanie

Liquid milk: Cash constraints and day-to-day intertemporal choice in financial diaries MTID Discussion Paper

Geng, Xin; Janssens, Wendy; and Kramer, Berber N.

The impact of Ethiopia’s Productive Safety Net Programme on the nutritional status of children: 2008–2012 DSGD, PHND, & A4NH Discussion Paper

Berhane, Guush; Hoddinott, John F.; and Kumar, Neha

Agricultural ecosystems and their services: The vanguard of sustainability? EPTD [PR]

Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability 23(December 2016):92-99

DeClerck, Fabrice et al.; and Zhang, Wei

Changes in Underlying Determinants Explain Rapid Increases in Child Linear Growth in Alive & Thrive Study Areas between 2010 and 2014 in Bangladesh and Vietnam PHND & A4NH [PR]

Journal of Nutrition. Article in Press. First published online on January 25, 2017

Nguyen, Phuong Hong; Headey, Derek D.; Frongillo, Edward A.; Tran, Lan Mai; Rawat, Rahul; Ruel, Marie T.; and Menon, Purnima

Food versus fuel: examining tradeoffs in the allocation of biomass energy sources to domestic and productive uses in Ethiopia EPTD [PR]

Agricultural Economics. Article in press. First published online on January 24 2017

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